Why is mountain outdoor sports the most popular sport?

This is a sport that explores the limits of tourism

Mountain extreme sports is a new outdoor fitness sport, which combines tourism, adventure, intense challenge, and fitness in one. Mountain outdoor sports is a perfect combination of modern games and social fitness activities and has become a noble sports consumption. According to statistics, half of the nationals have participated in at least one outdoor adventure in their lifetime. New Zealand is a country based on tourism. Its first product is outdoor sports that experience adventure. Colorful outdoor sports attract a large number of domestic and foreign participants to New Zealand for vacation. Nepal’s mountaineering and outdoor sports industry have become a significant source of foreign exchange income and an essential part of the economy. In the eyes of those who love this sport, the cliffs are steep, and the current is deep, and it is an ideal place for natural rock climbing, canyoning and river tracing.

Cave adventure knowledge

Cave exploration, in English called cave, cave expedition, cave exploration, refers to the discovery of caves by cavers,

The investigation, mapping, sampling, and other scientific investigations and research activities.

Cave exploration is not only a pure sport but also a scientific activity. It requires participants not only to have sufficient physical strength, sensitive response, and master the necessary caving techniques, but also to have comprehensive scientific knowledge. At first, human curiosity much promoted and promoted the production and development of this activity, but later, with the widespread promotion of the activity around the world and the advancement of modern science and technology, this activity Evolved into a comprehensive mass movement involving multiple disciplines, integrating entertainment, exercise, adventure, excursion, and knowledge.

Modern cave exploration has developed earlier and is more popular in developed countries, especially in developed countries. It has become a good amateur for many people, and it has evolved into a weekend and holiday. At the same time, countries not only have national cave organizations -Cave Association,

There are also many local cave clubs. For example, there are more than 450 cave clubs in France with more than 6,000 members. There are more than 200 cave adventure clubs in the United Kingdom. Even the island nation, Japan has dozens of cave clubs. The Cave Research Association of the Chinese Geological Society was established in 1991. It is a national mass organization that conducts cave research and cave exploration activities in China and is also a counterpart organization for external liaison and cooperation. Cave exploration can not only cultivate people’s spirit of fearlessness and advancing, but also enhance people’s physical fitness and scientific knowledge. Besides, cave exploration is an effective way to return to nature and learn about nature. Cave adventure as one

The team activity is full of collectivism, but as a member of the expedition, he must have the ability to work and operate independently.This not only requires him to devote all his energy to the cave expedition during the expedition but also requires him to independently explore the cave and deal with some emergencies without the cooperation and assistance of other team members. SRT technology goes to the next shaft and cave rescue. This means that the caver must be comprehensive in technology; at the same time, to avoid emergence, we especially emphasize one point here: Do not go into the hole alone! The cave exploration requires at least three people to travel.

Outdoor adventure, secret cave

Outdoor caves are relatively new to many people. Most people have never experienced darkness and disorientation. Darkness and claustrophobic tension and fear are far greater than people’s understanding of the cave’s strange scenery. How can people overcome their fear of the unrecognized world and the uneasiness of the existing senses in the dark and unknown? Caving is just such challenging psychological confrontation warfare, and its charm lies in that you I don’t know what you will see next, what you will find, which can satisfy your infinite imagination, the desire, and curiosity of continuous exploration. There are generally two types of cave exploration in daily life: water hole exploration and dry hole exploration. Water cave exploration refers to karst caves with perennial groundwater flow in the caves.A dry cave is a fossil cave separated from the free water surface. It develops in a high place and has a long history of development. The cave is often decorated with various stalactites. Cave exploration and mountaineering have many similarities: it is also a combination of extremely challenging sports and scientifically valuable expeditions; it also has many enthusiasts, and its record-breaking and discoveries are their pride; Rope technology is a technique often used by both, and so on. But cave exploration and mountaineering also have many differences, except that it is a technical method often used by the two, etc.But cave exploration and mountaineering also have many differences. Except for cavers, they ca n’t see their goal of success standing in front of them like climbers, and they do n’t know what their final destination is, nor do they wait. What’s ahead of the journey? An incredible discovery or an equally breathtakingly difficult challenge? You may be the first admirer of a prehistoric mural, or a new species of cave animal Discoverer; you may have just lamented the creator ‘s ghostly ax in a hall and climbed out of a narrow fissure channel, only to find yourself standing in a huge waterfall… The cave is a Natural unique phenomenon, but it contains not only natural science issues such as groundwater resource development, karst development research, or cave biological evolution that are of interest to natural scientists but also a rich cave-related culture.

Mysterious Underground Tour

Maybe you love to travel; you have already tried all kinds of adventures about challenging high altitudes, deep seas, distant mountains, jungles, hot air balloons, deep diving, desert island survival, and so on. So, when you are struggling to find new stimuli, have you ever wondered why you should not start under your feet this time? In fact, in the underground world that we are not yet fully familiar with, there are many wonderful yet undeveloped wonders. Adventure.In many European and American countries, cave exploration has gradually become popular as a new outdoor activity, and it has become a new darling for those who seek excitement.

(1) The mysterious maze is hidden under the surface calmly

The Gem Cave National Reserve, located in South Dakota, USA, is a well-known tourist attraction in Montenegro. It has always hidden an underground maze. The locals use “gem cave” to call this unknown world. Recently, cave adventure enthusiast Mike Wells has successfully demonstrated the farthest range of the cave. A map of the channel was drawn, and according to the map, this huge mystery covered more than 142 miles underground, making Gem Cave the second-longest cave known in the world in one fell swoop. For most people, cave exploration is a hazardous sport. Still, Wells believes that cave exploration is often much safer than many ground explorations, and these underground mazes will never bring adventurers to imagine discoveries. When a new cave or passage was discovered after many days of underground exploration, the mood was as exciting as Columbus’s discovery of the New World.Wells said: “When entering a huge cave passage that no one has ever reached, or discovering some material elements that have never been understood before, the mood is beyond expression, really, really excited!” The National Cave Research Association recently awarded Wei Charles the 2007 Annual Award in recognition of his achievements in this regard. He was not a born cave savvy expert. It is said that during his first cave expedition, he always felt awkward. But he was quick to discover the tricks and fun. “I won’t go exploring because of an impulse. On the contrary, I will experience fun in a long-term and continuous way. Only in this way will I not lose the sanity that must be maintained in the expedition because of impulse.” Wells said. Wells’ experience shows that everyone can become a professional underground “mole.”

(2) Fun in cave exploration

In many people’s eyes, maybe a cave expedition is spending hours slowly crawling through narrow cave passages. Cave exploration contains more rich connotations and extensions. Today, the cave’s impression on people is first and foremost curiosity-those huge, dark; mysterious caves always tickle the hearts of those who desire to explore. People can’t help wondering: Where does it lead? This mystery is attractive to people beyond race, gender, and nationality, and it is an attraction to the whole world. And cave exploration expert Beldo believes that caves are more than that. As early as the cave era of ancient humans, caves have become a sanctuary for humans and a place where primitive humans worshiped gods.At the same time, the mysterious cave spreading underground also indicates that people may get huge mineral resources or treasures along this complex vein. Many caves have maintained their original appearance, waiting for the adventure of the bold adventurers. So what do you generally need to do before starting a cave trip? It is essential first to determine the cave’s expedition difficulty, safety factor, and other factors that need to be considered. Also, carrying a jacket or sweater and dual-quality athletic shoes are essential for adventurers. Due to limited space, many cave attractions require reservations. Otherwise, small caves are crowded with more people.

(3) Complete cave trip

To make people realize the unique charm of caves, many private parks in the United States now have the necessary modifications to the original caves. For example, building fences, ladders, and electric lights, and digging better walkways, so that visitors of different ages can more easily contact and explore. Some caves are well-equipped nowadays, and even people with disabilities can check them out. This year marks the centennial anniversary of the Gems Cave National Reserve becoming a federal park in the United States. The reserve has deliberately developed three different ways for people to choose from. The first is the “Essence Tour” here, which is suitable for almost everyone.. This line is a half-mile, 700-step underground passage tour, and visitors will see the most memorable scenery-the magical calcite crystals all over the cave wall, sparkling like crystals. The “Lantern Tour” places greater demands on the physical strength of tourists. Led by 1930s costumed park guards, curious visitors will traverse the most historic part of the cave. This will make it feel more exciting and tense because tourists will walk in a tiny and cramped part of the cave. In this space that is not fully open, visitors are also likely to have the closest contact with bats. The most difficult is the real cave exploration, which is the most exciting way to visit the gem cave. First, visitors have to walk through a sturdy hole that is only 8 to 25 inches long before they can start the cave adventure. At any time during the whole trip, you can encounter some narrower channels than the entrance, and a feeling of being squeezed and unable to breathe smoothly will always be with you. Although some people are afraid of getting in and out of the ground, slowly, when seeing such wonderful natural beauty, the fear will gradually disappear, and then turn into the joy and desire to explore.”As soon as people know the cave and can enjoy the charm it presents, they will become addicted, and they will soon be out of control,” said Zortman, a caretaker at “Gem Cave.”

Join us and take you on an outdoor trip

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