SOCOO 1 Gallon Water Jug-128 OZ Gym Fitness Outdoor Workout

$43.99 $22.99

♠ Large Capacity: 128 OZ large water bottle with time maker can help you boost your daily water intake, the mouth was much bigger, easier to fill with ice and more pleasant to drink from.

♠ Distinct Design:copyrighted creative painting makes you unique,with extra long removable silicone straw for convenient and safe drinking.

Silicone Nozzle: Replace plastic nozzle with food-grade silicone nozzle, make the nozzle of straw lid softer and more comfortable, no odor.

Leak Proof Guarantee:Equipped with flip top opening mechanism prevent leakage,strong sealing preservation, suitable for outdoor activities.

Excellent Service:any dissatisfaction please contact with us, any quality problem replacement & refund are provided in 3 months.

1 Gallon Water Bottle with Straw,128 OZ Gallon Water Jug with Time Marker for Gym Sport

Our One Gallon Water bottle is the best one you can buy with it’s Unique

Key Features

BPA free

Three different lids

Motivational time marker

SoTft fabric landyard handle

copyrighted creative painting makes you unique


Capability:1 Gallon/ 128 OZ



Straw lid*1

Spout Lid*1

Straw Brush*1

Stainless Steel Lid*1

1 Gallon/128OZ Water Bottle*1


Not keeping water cold

Not dishwasher safe

Wash it before first use

Fill with liquids below 50℃

Don’t leave in the car on a hot day or drop it from a high place