SOCOO 1 Gallon Water Bottle – 128oz

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  • BPA free
  • Three different lids
  • Motivational time marker
  • Soft fabric lanyard handle
  • Copyrighted creative painting makes you unique
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1 Gallon Water Bottle with Straw, 128 OZ Gallon Water Jug with Time Marker for Gym Sport

  • 【BPA Free Water Bottle】: The material of 128oz water bottle is BPA-free,contaminants free and odor-free. It’s a reusable and eco-friendly.It has an ergonomic handle, as well as a sturdy wrist strap for easy carrying or hanging.
  • 【Motivational& Time Marker】:With inspiration quote and time marker, this water bottle measures your daily intake of water and reminds you to stay hydrated and drink enough water.
  • 【Wide Mouth Water Bottle】: The mouth was much bigger which has the inherent benefit of being easy to clean without a specialized brush,easier to fill with ice and more pleasant to drink from,perfect for gym, office, workout and other outdoor recreations.
  • 【Straw Water Bottle】: Replace plastic nozzle with food-grade silicone nozzle, make the nozzle of straw lid softer and more comfortable, with extra long removable silicone straw for convenient and safe drinking.The lid is leak-proof and seals this bottle tightly so that the content won’t spill.
  • 【1 Gallon Large Capacity】Large 128 OZ capacity ensures you enjoy one full water bottle/jug without having to refill it frequently. Especially suitable for running, fitness, tourism and any outdoor activities.

21 reviews for SOCOO 1 Gallon Water Bottle – 128oz

  1. KM

    I love that this particular bottle came with the straw. That makes it much easier to get down. The graphics on this one are more feminine which I love! Only issue is the time labels had a typo for 1 instead of 11 but other than that this is a great bottle!

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  2. James Nichols

    Misprinted times….9 am, 1 am, 1 pm…should be 11am

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  3. Luis Marrero

    Excellent water jog for the daily! What¡¯s cool is the time reminder on the side of the jug to keep drinking! It¡¯s a big jug that hold a gallon of water so keep that in mind. I¡¯ve been drinking one a day to hut my water intake. Can¡¯t recommend enough!

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  4. Dedra

    I love the quality of these bottles! I have several. This is the full one gallon bottle. It is a little bulky but you got your whole days water with you.

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  5. JESUS

    Upon receiving my water bottle I noticed that everything looked pretty good however one thing that popped out at me was the drink meter labeling. Keep in mind this was the primary reason for purchasing it in the first place. So you can imagine my frustration when the labeling was incorrect going from 9am to 1am then to 1pm. I could of purchased another bottle that would of more than likely have the meter labeled correctly and costing me a few more bucks. I would of given it five star if it weren¡¯t for the labeling.

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  6. SGaudio

    Best water bottle yet! I have the hardest time drinking water so I needed something to motivate me. I like that¡¯s it¡¯s pretty, it¡¯s big, and it says times and words on the side to help.

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  7. Andrew T. Basile

    At first I was skeptical about the straw lid with the tube. I wasn’t sure if it would work properly or be weird to drink out of. I actually love it. You don’t have to worry about tilting the heavy gallon of water to drink from it. Instead you keep it upright and just suck from the straw. It lets in plenty of water and the tube goes all the way to the bottom of the jug. The only thing is, I’m going to cut the tube on an angle to slightly increase the water flow and keep it from bunching up at the bottom. It works just fine as is, just a matter of personal preference.Another thing worth noting is the fancy packaging. it comes in a really nice box decorated with similar art as the bottle. The lids and tube are all packaged in a nice way. I think I’ll repurpose the box for a gift and keep the lid package to store the ones I’m not using in. I’ve never purchased a water bottle that comes in such beautiful packaging. Nice touch!

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  8. TankGirl

    I love this bottle!! It has honestly made drinking a gallon of water a day so much easier. I love that it has the strap for Carrying it. The designs are so cute. It is convenient for on the go and perfect for the gym. I also comes with 3 different tops. I personally love the straw attachment.

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  9. Emelie Corporan

    They have absolutely outdone themselves with this one! I have purchased 4 bottles before this that we¡¯re amazing but this one has become my new favorite! The earth tones in the bottle are so unique and I love that it comes with 3 caps that are interchangeable as well as a straw!

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  10. Josejuan Ornelas

    New design in vibrant colors is definitely a head turner and the added straw is very convenient for both in the gym and out of the gym use! Very satisfied with my purchase, would recommend!

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