Exercise Core Sliders, 2 Pack Dual Sides

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1. Dual-sided design

Smooth side to be used on soft surfaces such as carpets & rugs

Fabric side is suited for hard floors such as tiles, wood & laminate

2. Sliders are great for improving stability.

3. Sliders challenge your body in new ways.

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  1. Set of 2: 2 x Dual-Sided Core Sliders (7″ in Diameter), Premium Quality, Durable, Lightweight and Portable, Ideal for Worldwide Travel
  2. The Smooth (Plastic) Side for Carpets or Other Blanket, and The Foam Material Side for Hard Floor, Wood or Tile
  3. Our Slides feature a unique hexagonal design and ergonomic treads designed to keep hands and feet in place during movement.
  4. Suitable for a wide range of workout intensities, including back pain rehabilitation, resistance training, high-intensity interval training & general core strength


The easiest (though I’d hardly call these moves easy) way to start using sliders in your workouts is by adding them to plank variations to work your core.

Here are slider exercises to try:

  1. Body Saw
  2. Slider Mountain Climber
  3. Slider Single-Leg Knee Tuck
  4. Slider Plank Jack
  5. Slider Knee Tuck
  6. Slider Plank to Pike

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