91OZ / 2.7L Water Bottle

One-Step Flip Cap allows you to drink easily.

High-quality nylon strap, durable enough to carry on the go!

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Water bottle with a unique illustration

The one gallon water bottle we designed is not only for water but also for a work of art, as an individual with his soul, with unique illustrations.

Old school-style tattoo graffiti

The design is inspired by old school-style tattoo graffiti. The skull symbolizes bravery and not afraid of anything. The skull is integrated into the picture with dumbbells that symbolize strength, expressing the persistence of sports.


There is magnetic holder for holding your phone, keys instead of leaves your stuff on the dirty gym floor. When you attached the phone to the bottle, it’s a good way to see your workout routines instead of Taking it out of your pockets, very cool experience.

Embrace the stars

On the basis of geometry and abstraction, different stars and spaces are collided with color, which symbolizes the remote and unfathomable unknown and mystery. Searching for the unknown, embracing the unknown, embracing yourself.

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I Love My Bottle


Definitely the most durable Iive had yet. I drink 2-3 gallons a day of water..water is all I drink and I¡ve been that way for the last 17yrs. Iive had so many other jugs crack or lids break within a month or two. Iive had this, and used it every single day for the last 6mos and not one problem. Love it! And probably going to buy others